While I once was, I am no longer a certified rock climbing guide.
I am not claiming to hold any up-to-date certifications or qualifications from any outdoor or medical organizations.
I am acting as a friend who is happy to take another friend on a climbing trip.
Any payments associated with climbing trips are being made as a friendly reimbursement for my time, gas, and gear.
I assume and accept no responsibility for any and all injuries or death you may experience resulting from your participation in a climbing trip. It is your explicit responsibility to learn and practice all necessary skills to safely climb outdoors. You are responsible for your decisions and safety.
You must have a signed waiver on file acknowledging that your injury is your fault.

I can't control the weather.
If it is forecast to rain during an upcoming scheduled trip, we can either reschedule or change locations.
If it rains during a scheduled trip we have already started, learn to dance in the rain!

Popular Climbing Crags

Red River Gorge, KY

New River Gorge, WV


Foster Falls, TN

Pilot Mountain, NC

Other ideas? Let's go!

Hours of Availability

My goal is for you to have your dream outdoor climbing trip. I maximize my availability so you can cram in as much climbing as you want while also visiting some of the local hot spots and hidden gems.

All trip times and itineraries can be tailored to your specific goals and destinations.

Available trip dates are accurate through the end of October.

Suggested Friendly Reimbursement

Solo Climber

2 Climbers

3 Climbers

4 Climbers


Contact me to schedule a trip!