Trip Planning

Trip Itinerary Construction

Do you have big goals but don't know where to start?
With over 12 years of dirt-bag travel experience, I have learned endless tips and tricks to help you maximize fun and minimize cost!

What's included:

Cost: $25+

FREE for trips scheduled with me!

"On-Call" Troubleshooting

Rain, road closures, wildfires, and raptor nesting sites forcing you to change plans?
I can help!
Bit off more than you could chew?
I can help!
Lost and don't know which way is up?
I'll laugh at you, but I can help!

What's included:

Cost: $5 per 5 minutes

Travel Booking

Too many gears in motion and don't want to deal with finding the best price or organizing the logistics?
Let me take the stress off you while finding great deals and making it fit your schedule!

What's included:

Cost: $25+ (actual cost of flights, rentals, etc. not included in price)

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